HTTPv2 will not work for Chrome users if …

So you are using httpv2? All good ? Ah ? But you did not upgrade the openssl library ?!?! Okay then you don’t have http2 for Chrome users. That’s because Google decided it’s time to ditch NPN support and only allow ALPN in Chrome browser. So all your http/v2 content will fallback to good old http v1.1. So i hear “Oh shit” ?!? Good!
Chrome will not serve your site using http/v2 protocol so your clients will not really benefit from your efforts to provide them with a faster page load and rendering. Of course if you are using a different version of SSL library then you might not be affected. GnuTLS for example supports ALPN from early 2013. So yeah, OpenSSL guys are kinda lazy but it’s the most spread and most used SSL library out there.
Right now as i am writing this post, it looks like Debian 8 stable has received openssl 1.0.2h in it’s stable repo. 1 week ago i had to install 1.0.2h from unstable in order to make it work. So i urge you, if you have configured your nginx to use http2 but did not upgrade openssl, then you will not be able to serve your content over http2 to Chrome users.
Below you can find a list of current operating system and their ALPN support. You can recompile openssl from source or simply look for an alternative repository to get the newer openssl version from, in order for httpv2 to work properly for your Chrome users.
ALPN Support

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