whois.conf full IANA root zone database 2016-09-21

Hello fellow penguins.
These past few days i was trying to do some whois queries on some new .gTLD. My whois install did not work on any of the servers. I know Marco d’Itri takes pride in whois being a very intelligent piece of software (and it is really), but sometimes you need to help it a little bit by adding the whois.conf with detailed information about which whois server should answer for a specific .TLD/gTLD/cTLD.
So last night i have decided i need the whois.conf. And i was searching google and i found one conf that was updated until 2015-09-12. Therefore not containing all the new domains and specifically not the one i needed.
What do you do penguin?! You update that whois.conf.
And without further ado, you can go to github and download the most complete conf out there. Hope it helps you just as it helped me.

Kindest Regards
The Penguin

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