WordPress update could not be unpacked fix on Debian vsftpd 3.0.2

Everybody knows that vsftpd is one of the best (i say the best) ftp servers on Linux. It is included by default in so many Linux distros, i can’t even think of them all. But since we are Debian lovers, we’ll speak strictly about it. So currently the stable version of vsftpd under Debian is 3.0.2-17+deb8u1.
But it has some bugs and one of them is what we are going to talk about here. Many users on wordpress.com forums, complain lately about not being able to upgrade their wordpress installation from the wp-admin. Message being:

“The update could not be unpacked. Installation failed”

Now, if we look into the ftp server log we can notice that everything seems to be just fine. No errors or weird message spit out into the log file. But in fact, a bug affecting vsftpd was causing this behavior. In order to fix this issue and resume normal clean wordpress upgrade we will need to update to 3.0.3x from Debian unstable branch. What you need to do is this:

The first command ads the unstable repo to sources.list while the second line makes sure that we get  other packages from stable branch instead of also upgrading them from unstable
Next we need to update packages list and look for the last vsftpd version in unstable branch, then install it.

Make sure you don’t overwrite the config file of vsftpd with the default one from the newly installed package when it asks if you would like to keep the locally modified one.
That’s it. Now go to your wordpress and update as you would normally and it works.

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